All of Genevieve’s work is drawn directly on the skin freehand. This leads to a unique and personalized tattoo that cannot be duplicated, and allows the client to give input and feedback throughout the design process.



After discussing ideas about imagery and placement, Genevieve draws directly on the skin with markers. Once she’s worked out a design that matches the clients vision and is tailored to the contours of the body, she begins the tattoo.



Genevieve tattoos directly over her freehand sketch, providing the client with a completely custom piece. She makes every effort to ensure that her clients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the tattoo. She is trained in aseptic technique, and uses single-use, disposable equipment, and the highest quality inks available.


Finished Piece

Once the tattoo is complete, Genevieve will go over aftercare instructions and provide an aftercare print out. Larger scale work requires multiple sessions.

Work by appointment only.
Please reach out to discuss availability and project details.